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Advancements in green home building and renovations have continued to advance through the years and the effects can be seen in properties in from Greenwich to Westport to New Canaan. What does the future hold for this method of home building? Despite some trends that come and go, the green home building industry is not only going strong, but it continues to grow and bring us new advancements in technology and procedures.

Green Plans

There are several trends that will affect the green home building industry, in Fairfield County and nationwide, this year. The following references just a few. The first involves health.  Building a healthier home involves using proper home construction methods and materials. The use of non-toxic home building materials will reduce toxic gas emissions and inhibit the growth of mold.  A few methods that are being used include allowing for proper airflow throughout the house, using non-toxic home building materials and incorporating a significant quantity of natural light throughout the house.

Another trend involves advancements in solar power. The latest solar cells produce energy more efficiently, and microfilm technology has helped to reduced costs and waste. A major potential breakthrough in solar is coming out of Japanese company, Kyosemi. They’re working on the development of spherical micro solar cells that absorb light coming from any direction, including light reflected from other surfaces. This would be a major breakthrough, as existing solar technology requires solar cells to be pointed directly at the sun.

On-site water treatment technology is growing in popularity overseas. This process involves collecting rainwater run-off and water from showers, sinks and washing machines. The water is run through an advanced filtration system and re-introduced to the home as clean water for non-potable needs such as irrigation, toilet flushing and radiant heating.

These are just a few of the new and useful advancements in green building. In an industry where aesthetic trends come and go, the green building industry continues to endure and expand.

Kelly M. Wright
Wright Building Company

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