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When I started building homes in Fairfield County almost 30 years ago one thing was clear; to be successful in this business you must be responsible. The financial investment and level of trust that our clients put into luxury homebuilding, renovation and addition projects is a major undertaking. And to deliver satisfactory results requires significant effort on the part of the builder. Here are several factors for consideration when defining a responsible homebuilder:

House Rear

Luxury homebuilding and renovation work requires countless moving parts. And building in towns such as Greenwich, Westport and Darien requires a unique attention to challenging building conditions and restrictions. Having a clear line of communication between the Homebuilder, Client and Architect is critical to keeping projects on estimate and schedule. This starts with assigning a lead contact to each job. A Project Manager or Site Supervisor should oversee the operation and be available to the Client at all times. Written communication is also critical. Each job should start with a scope of work that outlines the details of the project prior to breaking ground. The scope should be signed-off on by the Client, Architect and Builder. Changes along the way should be recorded and signed-off on by all parties, with change orders.  And a good builder should provide Clients with monthly reporting of job progress.

Your homebuilder must be organized. Running luxury homebuilding projects means managing a vast range of trade partners and materials, complying with building codes and other regulations, assessing complex land challenges, etc. In order to keep the job moving smoothly, a responsible builder must maintain a clean and organized worksite, consistent and diligent financial and planning documentation and they must ensure that all employees meet certain standards including insurance regulations and skill level. These attributes will have significant impact on the quality and reliability of the final product.

This one is pretty simple, and is an extension of communication.  A good homebuilder will not keep you guessing. They should respond promptly to your inquiries and suggestions at all times. I’m sure we’ve all experienced how frustrating it can be when a service professional does not return your calls or emails. Clients want to stay informed and they shouldn’t have to wonder what’s happening with their investment.

This is a subject that Wright Building Company takes very seriously. Through the years we’ve built valued relationships with our Clients, as well as our Architect and industry partners. These relationships are strong because we deliver on our promises. When we take on a homebuilding, renovation or addition project, our Clients know that we will see it through with the highest level of attention and craftsmanship.

Being a homebuilder in Fairfield County has tested the responsibility of our service offerings. Our clients rely on us for it, and we work hard every day to do deliver.

Kelly M. Wright
Wright Building Company


Over the past few weeks we’ve been working with a couple looking to build a custom home in Westport or surrounding towns in Fairfield County. For area homebuilders this first stage of the process can be challenging. The availability of single-family building lots in towns like Westport, Greenwich and Darien, are limited. Furthermore, the lots that are available are mostly filled with ledge and have significant sloping and grade issues and or they contain high quantities of wetlands.


For clients looking to build a new, custom home in the area, there’s nothing more important than assembling the right team. At this stage in the homebuilding process I rely on my industry partnerships. Overcoming the challenges of homebuilding in Fairfield County requires the skills of experienced professionals including a qualified Architect, Civil Engineer, Home Builder and Realtor. Architects, Land Engineers and Builders are critical to planning and building on difficult sites. They can help assess the land and establish the most effective means of blasting ledge, properly retaining soil and designing effective drainage. They’re also critical when seeking to incorporate septic, well, sewer, public water and electric access. And a realtor with an intimate knowledge of the available inventory can help you locate the best land options.

Right now the towns with the tightest inventory of building lots, in our primary service area, include Greenwich, Westport and Darien. The inventory options get slightly better in towns such as Weston, New Canaan, Stamford and Fairfield.

We’ll often recommend the teardown option for consideration. Engaging in a teardown can pose its own set of unique challenges, and the team approach here is just as critical. A good realtor and homebuilder can provide accurate value assessments of land and structures to determine cost effectiveness. They can also help identify the building restrictions and requirements that are associated with the lot. Architects and Engineers will help you maximize the space and help to work around specific land issues.

In the past 28 years that we’ve been building homes in Fairfield County we’ve built some incredible structures on some of the most demanding landscapes. And we couldn’t have done it without the benefits of the team approach.

Kelly M. Wright
Wright Building Company


A short time ago, I wrote about the trade labor shortage that homebuilders are facing across the country and throughout Fairfield County. In contrast to this challenge, we’re lucky to have access to a vast range of experienced local pros in a variety of other professions that support the homebuilding industry.


Building a home from the ground up requires a wide range of players. Talented tradesmen are a critical component to our success; however, high-end homebuilding projects also require Architects, Designers, and other professionals. Luckily, we’re homebuilders in an area that attracts some of the most skilled and creative talent in the country.

Thanks to our Architects, towns like Greenwich, Fairfield, Westport, New Canaan and others all across Fairfield County are virtual showcases of some of the most impressive and unique residential structures. The talent pool of area architects is vast. They are highly educated and offer skills and creativity reserved for a select few. As homebuilders, we can make the vision come to life, but without a high level of talent at the design stage, our work would simply not shine as bright.

Interior Designers
The home can be just a shell without the help of a creative and experienced interior designer. Our Fairfield County interior designers have been featured in numerous area and national publications, and for good reason. Their work is responsible for some of the most beautiful, elegant, comfortable and functional residential spaces.

Landscape Architects
Although we live in a densely populated part of the country, the residential sections of towns like Greenwich, Westport, New Canaan and Darien have maintained their natural aesthetics in large part thanks to the skill and talent of our local Landscape Architects. The visual appeal of their work is just part of the story. Landscape design that uses the effective appointment of plantings can have a positive impact on the stability of the environment. Well-planned landscaping can filter runoff, stabilize soil and diminish noise.

Lighting Designers
The right lighting scheme can have a dramatic effect on the environment of a home’s interior and exterior. As a result, Lighting Designers can be a critical partner to the homebuilder. Like an Architect, a professional Lighting Designer combines advanced technical acumen with the artistry of both functional and aesthetic design. Educated lighting professionals must possess knowledge of a range of subjects including physics, optics, electricity and ergonomics. We’re lucky to have some of the best in the business here in Fairfield County.

Audiovisual Technicians
Today’s high-end home audiovisual setups are about as complex as you can imagine. As homebuilders, we can build the structure; however, a skilled Audio Visual Technician is needed to provide the technical resources to bring a home to life. Good technicians require substantial training on a wide range of advanced equipment.

Decorative Artists
Some of the homes that we’ve had the pleasure to build are simply extraordinary. It’s a unique professional who can come along and make these types of properties even more special.  A Decorative Artist uses murals, decorative finishes and wall art to further transform a space.

At Wright Building Company, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best and brightest while building some of these incredible homes. We rely on and appreciate our partners. Without them, we would not be where we are today.

Kelly M. Wright
Wright Building Company