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If you’re looking to make a move, chances are that you have a defined set of criteria for your next home. You’re likely searching based on location and/or specific home and property features. Some people may want to get closer to the Greenwich train station or Westport shopping districts. Others are looking for a guesthouse, first floor master, a certain quantity of bedrooms, etc. Whatever your needs, there is no option better than building a custom home when it comes to achieving your goals.

As a homebuilder in Fairfield County, I know that building can pose challenges when it comes to finding available land. These challenges can be overcome. Towns like Greenwich, Westport, and Darien have limited available lots; however, the teardown option can open up a new set of potential options. Towns such as Weston and New Canaan have a wider selection of available building lots. After you’ve found the right property, you’ll be empowered to design and build to your specific needs. And you’ll have the flexibility to build for your current, as well as future, circumstances. In addition, you’ll be able to dictate the aesthetic style of the home.

As professional homebuilders, we understand the value of quality construction and materials. When you purchase an existing home, it can be hard to determine the level of quality that went into the construction process. Even the best home inspectors miss things, and it’s impossible to see behind walls. Poor construction can take a while to become apparent and can lead to structural issues, water leaks, mechanical failures, etc. When you build new, with an experienced custom homebuilder, you have control over the process and you can trust that it will be done right. With the right builder, you can be assured that the materials will be high-quality, installed properly, and that the home will be structurally sound. And building on challenging waterfront and sloping properties, which you will find in Westport and Greenwich, requires detailed planning and experience.

A good homebuilder also provides a pleasant experience throughout the process by keeping the project on schedule and on budget. In addition, a good homebuilder will communicate with you throughout the process and will be responsive and reachable at all times.

Making a move is a big decision. Deciding to build new, with the help of a trusted builder, can provide you with peace of mind as well as help you meet your specific needs.

Kelly M. Wright
Wright Building Company


When homeowners decide to take on a custom homebuilding project, home addition or renovation they often choose a builder that will do the job for the lowest possible price. I’ve seen this time and time again, and it always ends poorly. One recent example that comes to mind is an experience that my friends from Fairfield had. They hired a builder to remodel a portion of their interior and install new wood floors. They went with the lowest price they could find. The builder ended up installing the floors improperly and the other work was noticeably shoddy. When confronted to return and fix several mistakes, the builder disappeared and was never to be heard from again.

Custom home in Greenwich, CT

Regretfully they made the mistake again when they went with another low priced builder who was supposed to fix the issues and do additional work. Instead the new builder created additional issues, then left for Brazil for three months.

Oftentimes building and remodeling is perceived to be a commodity. This is actually the farthest thing from the truth. Not all builders possess the same level of skill, attention to detail and knowledge of the building process. Poor workmanship not only has the potential to look unattractive, it can also lead to unsafe structures, water and mold issues, electrical hazards, etc. And having to go back to fix issues leads to additional costs. All told you can end up paying significantly more than one of the more responsible, higher bids.

At Wright Building Company we start with using better building materials. We cull lumber piles to find the straightest studs. And we send warped and knotted lumber back to the lumberyard. This is the type of care and attention that we use throughout the building process.  Other measures that we take include closely inspecting deliveries, carefully covering materials to keep them out of the weather and always seeking out the best material warranties.

Good materials go hand in hand with proper installation. We hire experienced tradesmen who are skilled in high-end homebuilding. Our subcontractors are held to the highest performance standards that reach far beyond what the local building code requires. You can always tell a well built home by the way that it shows at resale. When you’ve chosen a quality homebuilder you’ll know – even 20 years later.

We understand the urge to grab that low price. When it comes to building, however, the short and long-term effects of such a decision will be costly. A well built home not only provides a comfortable living environment for your family, it also provides you with piece of mind. 

Kelly M. Wright
Wright Building Company


Many of those looking to build a custom home, renovate and or build a home addition in Fairfield County tend to be families seeking a better quality of life for their children outside of the city. This is particularly true in towns closest to Manhattan such as Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Westport, Weston, New Canaan and Fairfield. These towns are within reasonable commuting distance to Manhattan by train or car.

Greenwich CT

The main goal of families moving from New York to Fairfield County is to exchange the city environment for better educational opportunities and access to beaches, parks and open space. Towns like Greenwich and Westport provide all of theses things and more, including a wealth of social events, excellent restaurants, shopping, golf, etc.

Although property in Fairfield County is at a premium, the costs, when compared to living in Manhattan, can be about half. For the price of a 2,000 square foot co-op on the Upper East Side, you can build a new, 4,500 square foot custom home in Westport.

We’re currently working with a couple from Manhattan who are looking to build a custom home in the area. One of the key location factors that they are considering is the proximity to the train station. Having quick and easy access to the train, when commuting daily, can be a significant factor in the ease of your daily routine. Some Clients are looking to be in specific communities or have preferences to be either outside or inside town. When these types of location factors narrow the search it can obviously limit the real estate options. As a result building a new, custom home becomes an attractive option. If limited land becomes a factor, as it will in more densely populated towns such as Greenwich and Westport, then renovating, tearing down and or building an addition onto an existing home becomes another option.

Despite some of the obstacles that homebuilding in Fairfield County presents, with a good Homebuilder and Architect there is always a solution. We’ve helped place numerous families across the area. And the feedback we receive on how happy they are to be living in a community with so many recreational and social advantages, is wonderful!

Kelly M. Wright
Wright Building Company