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Basements can be an excellent space to expand square footage during a high-end renovation project, and a finished basement makes a worthwhile addition to any luxury custom home build. We’ve completed several complex basement projects in and around Fairfield County and Westchester County through the years. Having an experienced homebuilder for this type of project is important, particularly when building close to, or on, the water in towns such as Greenwich, Fairfield, Darien, and Westport.

Basement Wine Cellar

Inherently basements are subject to moisture. As a result, you’ll want your finished space to be built properly, especially when high-end media equipment or valuables are in place. Finishing out the basement requires the right planning and equipment, and can sometimes involve the expertise of a civil engineer.

Experienced homebuilders make water their number-one priority. Any well-built home should have proper drainage systems. This includes proper curtain drainage, excavation to slope property away from the foundation, and well-placed gutters.

Building a home with potential water issues requires multiple steps to divert it away from the foundation. We have a client in Greenwich on the water with a multimillion-dollar finished basement. To ensure the space remains dry, we installed three large pumps that move water safely away from the home. Sophisticated pump systems can be an effective means of solving water issues in these conditions.

Condensation is another factor in most any basement space. Concrete is always cool when it is in contact with the ground, and the warm air of a finished space can cause the concrete to act as a condensing surface. Stopping condensation starts with vapor barriers and/or insulation to separate the two conditions. Insulation comes in a variety of forms; however, closed cell spray foam is one of the most effective options. Concrete basement floors typically require a masonry sealer prior to finishing, as well as insulation such as rigid foam to provide a moisture barrier.

Once your homebuilder has moisture and water issues solved, the basement can be finished in any number of configurations. With the right construction methods in place, these spaces will last many years.