Monthly Archives: July 2015


Building a custom or luxury home, or undergoing a renovation or an addition, is a significant undertaking that involves a wide variety of moving parts and people. As a result, large homebuilding jobs require planning and process to ensure that the end result is of the highest quality, and that the journey along the way is smooth.


In order to accomplish these goals, Wright Building Company employs a sophisticated process, and we apply it to every job we take on, large or small. It starts with communication. From the beginning, we ensure that our clients understand how the homebuilding process will work, from start to finish. We then communicate with them regularly throughout the job by providing comprehensive monthly reporting of job progress. We also maintain consistent and productive lines of communication with our architects, engineers, tradesmen, and designers. Furthermore, we communicate with the neighbors before, during, and after construction to ensure they are content.

Starting a job off on the right foot begins with ensuring the project is planned and estimated appropriately. Nobody likes surprises. When dealing with large construction projects, your builder must understand the full scope of the job, plan accurately for materials and labor, and develop a schedule that is accurate. At Wright Building Company, we lean on our experience. We’ve built some of the most complex homes in Fairfield County. As a result, we understand the steps required to estimate and schedule these types of jobs accurately.

For larger custom home and renovation jobs, we often run into challenging landscape and/or architectural requirements, particularly in towns such as Greenwich, Westport, Fairfield, and Darien. These towns often have difficult terrain that can include waterfront, ledge, and/or heavy sloping. In order to ensure the structural integrity of our homes, we may conduct land and site assessments for challenging conditions prior to design and construction. We may also conduct feasibility studies to determine how to best approach complex projects.

In order to keep a job on schedule and ensure the highest-quality workmanship, we require qualified subcontractors. Wright Building Company uses the most skilled and experienced tradesmen in the industry. Furthermore, our management process ensures that they are scheduled efficiently and that they understand the requirements of the job.

We’ve had the pleasure of receiving some very heartfelt appreciation for our efforts. We owe this success in part to the stringent and comprehensive processes that we employ.