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Most homeowners, in our experience, come into home building projects with a general understanding that luxury home construction and renovations will take a fair amount of time to complete. But just how long does it take to build a new home? Several factors come into play when preparing the timeline.

Build Timing

One of the contributing factors that will affect the schedule will be the number of members of the building team. Nearly every luxury home building job is different; however, the key players can include the builder, architect, structural engineer, landscape architect, and interior designer. Having a full building team in place can help certain jobs move more efficiently, as answers and insights into certain processes will be readily accessible. For complex building projects, such as waterfront property and unique structures, having an architect and engineer involved is usually required.

The typical timeline for building a new, 5,000-square-foot luxury home is between 10 and 12 months. This can vary depending on the complexity of the job and the types of materials used; however, this timing is fairly standard. New homebuilding projects can be broken out in the following phases:

Phase 1
The first steps will include pulling permits and preparing the site, which includes excavation as well as mobilization (setting up the staff trailer), foundation digging and pouring, well drilling, utilities, and site access. This phase typically takes between two to three months to complete.

Phase 2
The second phase, generally categorized as the enclosure, includes framing, siding, roof, windows, exterior doors, and siding. This phase typically takes between two and three months.

Phase 3
This is the rough in, mechanical phase that includes electric, plumbing, and HVAC. This will typically take about two months.

Phase 4
This is the finish stage. At this time, the builder’s subcontractors can start completing work such as drywall, glass, trim, floors, fixtures, and interior doors. This is when homeowners start getting excited, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This stage will take around four months.

Extensive renovations and additions can sometimes take as long as, or longer than, new home construction projects. We’ve completed several whole home renovations, and they often come with unexpected twists and turns. Once the walls are opened up, it’s not uncommon to discover elements of the structure, electrical, and/or plumbing that need to be fixed. Good builders will typically include timing in the schedule and budget for contingencies that provide the padding required.

As experienced homebuilders, we work extremely hard to keep projects on schedule. We understand that the process is long enough for homeowners. Watching our clients move into their new homes is one of the most satisfying parts of our job.