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In Fairfield County, CT there are a lot of builders that offer custom construction and remodeling services, and maybe even more that focus solely on renovations. Although the pool of competition for quality, experienced builders is relatively small, it can be difficult to differentiate between them without certain information. As a result, homeowners rely on a variety of factors to help them decide whom to choose. According to a new survey by Contractor Nation, the following factors can help you choose a remodeling company.


The survey polled 1,729 homeowners who have all hired a remodeler in the past five years. It wasn’t a surprise that the majority of respondents started their search by getting a personal referral. 42 percent asked a friend or relative, and 28 percent asked a contractor they know. The search doesn’t end there, however. Once they have one or more potential candidates, they will then dig deeper. 46 percent go online to look at reviews or view the contractor’s websites. They want to see photographs of work as well as testimonials from past clients.

When asked “Which source of information about contractors do you trust the most?” 66 percent said “friends,” but the remainder all pointed to online sources including reviews on Google, Angie’s List, and the builder’s website, among others. It’s interesting but not surprising to see that the younger responders were more likely to trust online reviews. In fact, when asked “If you were unable to find any online reviews for a contractor, how likely were you to contact the contractor?” 41 percent said either very unlikely or unlikely.

In regards to photography, it was very important to respondents that remodeling contractors have high-quality photography of their work. In addition, they wanted to see projects through their lifecycle, including before shots. Also, respondents were more likely to hire builders with experience that was relevant to their specific renovation or addition, such as a kitchen remodel. For this reason, it’s important to show a range of work featuring multiple rooms and job types.

The survey goes on to report that poor online visibility or poor reviews of a contractor would make the respondents avoid that contractor. Furthermore, factors such as testimonials from other clients, examples of work, and guarantees and warranties all gave respondents confidence that the contractor would do a good job.

At Wright Building Company, we’re not surprised to see these results, but it’s valuable to know that the efforts we take are not without merit. Although nothing will likely replace the importance of personal referrals, the impact and value of the Internet continues to show its power as a tool for influencing buying decisions.