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We just wrapped up a productive peak homebuilding season in Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Among other projects, we finished a really interesting custom home in Wilton. And we’re slated to move into the colder months with a couple of notable renovation projects. 


We wrapped up the Wilton project in late summer. The homeowners are in and loving their new home. This proved to be an exciting endeavor. The home was modern with exquisite detailing throughout the interior and exterior, and the lot was in a nice wooded, private location.

On the roster now are a full gut renovation in Litchfield County and a structural repair and renovation in Easton. The Litchfield County home is in Barkhamsted on a wooded 2-acre lot. This is another modern and required taking the entire interior down to the studs. When complete, this will essentially be a new home with only the foundation, basic frame, and utilities saved, which were all in good condition.

On the exterior of the Litchfield County home we removed the roof and installed a Grace roofing system. This advanced rubberized asphalt formulation enables a watertight bond, with the roof deck acting as a barrier for both water and ice. The roof finish will be either metal or traditional asphalt. The home has a 1,000-square-foot deck.

The interior will be rebuilt with intriguing lines and a variety of eye-catching features. Most notably, we are installing two new staircases, both of which will make a statement. In addition, the interior is getting spray foam insulation that will help seal the house and provide optimal energy efficiency. Other interior details will include built-in, pull-out storage units and the latest modern finishes and fixtures.

We’re also working on a traditional-style home renovation in Easton, CT. This project requires some major structural repair and reworking of existing interior space. It’s the type of project that gets to the core of Wright Building Company’s experience and value. When it comes to structural elements, it becomes a job for a true professional. This is why, although this is a smaller project for us, we’re proud to lend our expertise. We’re applying the same skills that we’ve honed on large custom homebuilding jobs throughout towns like Westport, Greenwich, and Darien.

The Easton home is an interesting project. Large portions of the frame have been ravaged by termites, compromising the integrity of the structure. We will be replacing multiple headers and framing as well as reworking and rebuilding some of the interior spaces. We estimate this to be about a three-month project.

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed over these past few months is seeing our Architect and industry friends and colleagues across Fairfield County. Judy and I have been out and about. I often think about how lucky we are to be part of such a wonderful homebuilding community. We’re looking forward to the next round of building jobs soon.


Building a custom luxury home is a monumental task. Any home construction project consists of several moving parts, but custom luxury home building in Fairfield, Darien, Westport, and Greenwich is a different ballgame altogether. When you’re searching for a homebuilder, it’s important to know the difference between a contractor, also known as a general contractor, and a carpenter. Choosing the right professional to manage your new home, addition, or renovation project can mean the difference between a smooth ride and a complete disaster.


The first thing to understand is that building a custom home requires significant management skills and experience. This includes planning, estimating, subcontractor management, process, material ordering, code and permit process, etc. A carpenter is someone who builds with wood. The good ones are skilled at construction and are typically subcontractors for the general contractor. The contractor is the manager of the project and is responsible for running the entire operation from start to finish.

Choosing the wrong type of professional to build your custom home can lead to serious problems. Carpenters have been known to take on larger, more complex projects than they’re qualified for. They always start with good intentions, but once they dive into the complexities of building from the ground up things can get out of hand fast. When this happens, the schedule can suffer severely. More important, the home can be built in an unsafe manner, and the budget can be exceeded at great lengths. We’ve taken over several large home construction projects in Fairfield County that were improperly managed. The result every time is work that needs to be redone. This comes at a significant additional cost to the homeowner.

The biggest challenge with custom home building is the sheer volume of responsibilities. It starts with estimating. The estimation process is highly complex because it requires accounting for virtually every element that goes into the construction of a custom home. This includes all of the building materials, technology, and subcontracting for plumbing, HVAC, electric, landscaping, pavement, fencing, masonry, pool, etc. It also includes knowledge of permitting, code requirements, engineering, etc. From there qualified subcontractors need to be hired, and the entire process needs to be managed along the way.

The contractor not only needs to be knowledgeable of the process, but they also need to be professionals who are good at communication, organization, and technology. There are a lot of very talented carpenters in Fairfield County, but a contractor with all of these skills can be hard to find.

Contractor for Home Renovations and Additions
Building home additions and renovations in Greenwich, Westport, and surrounding Fairfield County can sometimes be like building an entire custom home. Many of the same processes and materials are often required. We’ve seen small renovations turn into full-scale home rebuilds. A good contractor will always help you consider how the rest of the home will be affected by any new work.

When you’re ready to start a home construction project, always look for a homebuilder that is a qualified subcontractor. Choosing the right professional in this instance can make a world of difference.