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Building a custom home requires a team of experienced construction professionals. Even small home renovations and additions require the expertise of several home building pros. For luxury custom homes the need for multiple skilled professionals is even greater. The process typically starts with the contractor or architect. From there, numerous tradesmen are brought in throughout the process.


Homebuilders, otherwise known as contractors, or general contractors, will be responsible for the entire home building process from the ground up. The builder works closely with the architect and other pros on the scene, but is responsible for putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, from estimating the job to delivering the keys when the home construction project is complete.

Contractors of luxury custom homes have an enormous responsibility. Building any home is a significant undertaking, but building a 10,000-square-foot luxury home in Greenwich, CT is a massive job that requires skill, knowledge, and experience across a wide range of responsibilities. Having an experienced homebuilder on your team is critical to achieving the highest-quality work, and having the job done on budget and within the agreed-upon timeline.

Homebuilders have strong working relationships with local residential architects. At Wright Building Company, we’ve worked with a variety of the most skilled professionals in Fairfield and Westchester counties. For some new home construction and renovation jobs, our clients have come to us first. We then recommend the architect to best suit their needs. Other times, the architect will have established the client relationship and will reach out to us for construction.

The process of custom home architecture starts with information gathering. Working closely with the builder, the homeowner and architect will flush out the homeowner’s wants and needs. From there the site is measured, plans are drawn up, and surveying can typically be done. If the land is challenging, the builder may conduct feasibility studies, with the help of land engineers and the architect, to determine the best way to build complex structures on sloping, rocky, or waterfront property. A schematic is then typically drawn up, and the design and development process can begin.

Land and/or Structural Engineer
With the types of custom homes that we build, structural and soil engineers are often involved in the planning process. The same is true for large home renovations and home additions. Custom homes in towns like Greenwich, Westport, and New Canaan are often very large structures that have multiple heavy load requirements and unusual architectural elements. In addition, these homes are often built on land that requires creative and scientific consideration. Waterfront property can be some of the most challenging.

The contractor will typically have a project manager on staff to run the operation on the ground. The home building company will oversee the entire operation, and the subcontractors will be responsible for day-to-day construction. Numerous subcontractors work through the process. Surveyors and excavation professionals are some of the first to arrive on the job site. From there we have foundation crews, framers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC pros, masons, finish carpenters, lighting experts, home technology and AV pros, landscapers, and pool installers, among others.

Ensuring that a custom home is built properly requires a wide range of considerations. One of the most important is hiring the right subcontractors. Luxury home construction leaves virtually no tolerance for imperfection. To achieve this level of detail across every step of the process requires highly skilled and experienced experts.

At Wright Building Company, we take great pride in delivering the highest-quality renovation and custom home construction work. The end result is a happy family with a beautiful new home that they, and we, can feel good about.