Each custom home that we’ve built in Fairfield County and Westchester County has been a unique experience. Although many of the essential construction processes and materials apply to any custom home, there are always factors that need special consideration. This is the nature of custom luxury home building. It’s taken us years to learn how to anticipate, adjust, and excel at the ever-changing home building landscape. This is why we’re uniquely positioned to help homeowners understand what to expect before and during the home building process. Here are a few of the essential questions that we’ve tackled through the years.


How much does it cost to build a custom home?
There is a wide range of factors to consider when determining the cost of a custom home. Estimating these types of projects can be a full-time job. For that reason, we don’t provide numbers without having critical pieces of information. Establishing price will require a formal sit-down to discuss your needs and wants for your custom home. The size of the home, materials used, amenities, location, building team requirements, and many more factors all must be considered.

How long does it take to build a custom home?
Each home is different, but the rough timing to build a smaller, 5,000-square-foot custom home is between 10 and 12 months. For waterfront homes in Greenwich, Darien, and Westport, the timing will likely be longer. Permitting, planning, and construction will be more challenging here. The types of materials and additional outbuilding and amenities can also affect the timeline. For example, it will require more time if you’re looking to build an expansive pool house, guesthouse, wine cellar, and/or recording studio. Structural elements, such as large vaulted spaces, and custom features will likely add time.

Having a comprehensive building team in place can help make the job go faster. For large custom home construction projects, it’s ideal to have a homebuilder, architect, engineer, and interior designer in place before beginning the process.

What types of home building restriction can I expect?
Nobody wants to be restricted when building his or her dream home. Creative, resourceful, experienced builders and architects can help homeowners realize their dream by understanding how to work within the regulations and restrictions of certain Fairfield County towns. Greenwich, Westport, New Canaan, Darien, and Fairfield are some of the most desirable locations for custom home building. As a result, the building lots have mostly been carved out, and the population of homes is plentiful. There are very few open lots left in these towns. Teardown home sites, and any newly subdivided land, will likely require creative planning and construction techniques.

Each town is different when it comes to zoning restrictions. Some areas have historic districts with special regulations. Waterfront property has a variety of regulations. And footprint and teardown rules apply in many of the towns’ popular areas. Your homebuilder will guide you through the restrictions when the search areas have been established.

What am I not thinking of that I wish I had before building?
Building a luxury home is a time-consuming endeavor for the homeowner. Although this process can be stressful, there are steps you can take to help things run smoothly. The first step is hiring the right homebuilder. You need someone running the job who is experienced and understands the process, regulations, materials, relationships, etc.

Second is planning. When you take the time to plan ahead, the process will run much smoother. This starts by assembling the right team. Your builder can help guide you through assembling a team. From there the team will map out the entire process in detail, from permitting to handing over the keys.

Third is time management. You’ll need to make a wide variety of choices. If you allocate specific time to manage this part of the project, you’ll find it easier to handle.

The best way to fully understand the process is to set a meeting with your contractor. You’ll be in a good position to start taking steps toward building your dream home.

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