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Inspirational Fitness Rooms

Finding time to go the the gym in today’s busy world can be hard.  A simple solution is to create a gym in your own home.  Home gyms give you the flexibility to train whenever and however you like.  Creating your own home gym is easy and you can go all out or keep it very simple.  It’s up to you but remember to let it be unique and reflect your personality.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Adding a few full-length mirrors will make a tiny space feel double the size and more like a real gym.

Exercise equipment comes in all different colors so decorate your exercise room to match the feelings that will inspire you to work out.

Take over your garage or old shed, add a great door, and get the feeling like you’re working out outside.

Don’t forget to use your imagination like this Hattiesburg, Mississippi, fitness studio, designed by Richard Keith Langham, which was tented in a bold Romo stripe.

Bright white walls, black equipment, and neutral accents like rope and benches will make the room feel open and welcoming.

Clean lines keep your room looking sleek and inviting.

Natural air-flow, greenery, and a wood gym flooring who could ask for more.

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