The Homework Station

As school starts parents will soon be reminding their kids “to do their homework” and while it’s sometimes easy to motivate them to do their homework, it’s not always an easy task. To help avoid these moments, here are a few ideas to help create a space where your kids will love to do homework.

Make it Personal

Homework is not your child’s priority. Working with your child to create a space they enjoying being in will give them pride in their work, help inspire creativity and help get their homework done. Picking paint colors, asking for their input, providing them with choices of desks and furniture and simple decorations gets children involved in the process and warrants a better chance for success.


Studies have shown color plays a key role in people’s behavior, motivation, and creativity. So how do you choose the best color for a homework station?  Remember to go with your gut because color is personal. Does your child’s personality correspond to a particular color?  Try green for a color that is considered balancing while red can physically stimulate activity in children.  Yellow is thought to promote creativity and blue is known to stimulate the mind. Once you decide on what color will work best, everything else will fall in place.

Lighting & Outlets 

Adequate lighting helps prevent eyestrain, tiredness and headaches so make sure you use good ambient lighting. Also, keep in mind where plugs are located in case your child studies with music, needs a table lamp, printer or perhaps a few charging ports for their electronics. You might not have enough outlet space so a power plug may be needed.

Functional & Comfortable

You don’t want children falling out of their chair or not being able to reach their desk while doing their homework so make sure the area is functional & appropriate for their age & height. Also make the room multifunctional by adding a comfy couch or reading nook for those long reading assignments, adding an art station for projects, or double their bedroom functionality with a homework area or library.


Picking out chairs reminds me of “Goldie Locks & the Three Bears”. This one is too hard, this is too soft, but this is just right. When picking out chairs, make sure your kids try them out first. Style does not come before function in this case although there are plenty of comfortable, stylish chairs available. Some children might not even want a chair but instead choose a ball or a stool. Each situation is different but remember – not too comfy or they will fall asleep, not too hard or they won’t want to sit there, but in the middle so they can get in a groove and finish.

Storage & Shelving 

Having shelves, cupboards and drawers can make it easier to find things and makes it easier to stay on track with assignments since desks can get cluttered quickly. Corkboards, dry erase boards, baskets, and file cabinets can also help keep the space organized and neat.

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